January 12th, 2006

If you’re new to the CFNM scene or has any unanswered question this CFNM FAQ is just for you! If you still got questions after reading through it then please do contact me by using the link in the sidebar :). Allright let’s get this CFNM FAQ started!

Q1: What does CFNM stand for?

A: CFNM is an abbreviation for Clothed Females Naked Males; I’m sure you now understand why we always use the abbreviation – it takes too much time to type it all out ;).

Q2: How did the CFNM thing get started?

A: This question is kind of hard to answer. The reason is that CFNM has many subniches but one of the most well-known is the Hen’s Night Out with Male Strippers. An example of a site that has real footage from these events is Lover Boys USA. This site was one of the pioneers in spreading the knowledge of the CFNM action throughout the net and it’s also the original “Cheating Housewives gets drunk and crazy with Male Strippers”-CFNM site :)!

Q3: Other CFNM niches I hear you say?! Like what?

Ok there are two main things that all CFNM niches has in common: An element of domination and an element of extra excitement (this can for example be from a “cheating on your husband” aspect or a “we caught this guy in the shower” aspect). The fact that the women are clothed puts them in command; it’s sex and naughty fun on their premises and not the male’s. Here are some niches to get your imagination fired up:

– Femdom CFNM: Clothed Females with whips, sharp heels and other instruments of pain. This niche takes the domination element to the max and is partly BDSM/partly CFNM really. An example site is Femdom Abuse.

– Medical CFNM: Here you have Clothed Females in sexy nurse or docter outfits performing experiments on their Naked Male patients! A site that does this absolutely fantastic is Lady Sonia.

There’re many more niches and weird fetishes in CFNM land and you’ll get to learn them if you stick around here at my blog :).

More questions and answers will be put up here as you ask them!

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