Earn Money With CFNM Paysites - It's Easy!

Hi and welcome to this little page I've made for aspiring CFNM webmasters and Adult Webmasters in general. I'm not Sarah who posts on this blog, I'm just the webmaster guy that suggested she might make some money from this CFNM blog! And now I wanna help you to make some money from CFNM paysites!

"But I don't have any CFNM traffic!" That's ok - you don't need to be #1 for cfnm on google to earn some nice dough from CFNM paysites. The great thing about this niche is that it has a huge potential to sell to a lot of people; you just have to explain to them what it's all about!

Here are some of the niches that CFNM paysites should be an easy sell in: Amateur/Reality Porn (many of the sites features real footage from amateur parties!), Handjobs (these are a huge part of many CFNM sites), Drunk (many sites features clothed, drunk sluts) & Female Domination (some CFNM sites focuses alot on female dominance). But don't limit yourself to these; there are many CFNM sites that should be able to sell well on general porn sites!

One last thing before I introduce you to the CFNM affiliate programs: Most of these sponsors does not offer a ton of free content that you can plaster all over the web. Either you need to have established sources of traffic in the niches mentioned above or you need to start a site like Sarah's blog with original CFNM text content on it that people want to read and link to!

CCBill CFNM Sponsors

CCBill has one awesome advantage: You can signup to promote all the sites below and many other porn paysites and get all the money you've earned on 1 check! This makes it super easy to reach payout every week and get your hard earned $ fast!

Luscious Media

Sites to promote: CFNM USA
My notes: Excellent CFNM site with unique content and take on the niche = Small CFNM parties with one guy/2-5 gals in private home. Easy to sell and a super rebiller!
50% Revshare/10% Webmaster Referral!

Pure CFNM Affiliate Program

Sites to promote: Pure CFNM
My notes: This site greatly differs from the Drunk Women/Male Strippers concept with unique CFNM content featuring dominating clothed women enjoying the humiliation of naked men.
50% Revshare/10% Webmaster Referral!

CFNM Handjobs Affiliate Program

Sites to promote: CFNM Handjobs
My notes: Don't be fooled by the ugly design of this one; surfers loves CFNM and handjobs and here they get the best of both worlds in one quality content package!
50% Revshare/??? Webmaster Referral!

Lady Sonia/Fetish Video Cash

Sites to promote: Lady Sonia
My notes: Lady Sonia can be sold in a variety of niches and one of them is definitely CFNM if you look at her Masturbatrix content where you always got a Naked Male/Clothed Female scenario!
60% Revshare/10% Webmaster Referral!

CFNM Sponsors With Their Own Affiliate Administration

There are a couple of sponsors with their own affiliate administration that are worth noting when it comes to CFNM promotion - here they are:

Pimp Roll

Sites to promote: CFNM Exposed - CFNM Idol
My notes: Two great CFNM sites where the focus is on the humiliating aspect of the niche - Exclusive content and top notch payouts + many other sites to promote!
$35 PPS OR 50-65% Revshare/5% Webmaster Referral!

Nasty Dollars

Sites to promote: CFNM Secret
My notes: The glossy, American CFNM experience with professional models is what you get @ CFNM Secret. Good for promoting the niche to people who are new to the whole cfnm thing.
$35 PPS/$200 Webmaster Referral!

Maxx And More

Sites to promote: Party Hardcore
My notes: This is euro clubbing gone wild! Promote real footage from wild european club sex parties + give surfers access to a whole network of super porn sites - easy sell!
50% Revshare/5% Webmaster Referral!