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April 9th, 2006

I keep getting emails and comments from many guys out there who want to find girls that are into Cfnm and who’ll dominate them, wank them etc.. That’s why I decided to make this page and hopefully bring some happy couple’s together that can fulfill each other’s sexy Cfnm desires!

I’ve thought about setting up some kind of dating page on my blog but frankly it will be too much work for me. The best I can do for you is list the top dating sites that people have told me worked or which I’ve personally checked up on. You have to pay to play at most of them but I’m sure that’s not really an issue for most of you!

Oh yeah one more thing – when you’re making your profile be sure to include and explain your Cfnm fantasy; there are a lot of girls that have never heard of Cfnm so tell them what it’s all about and you should get a much better response! Here are the sites:

Wild Match – Huge matchmaking site with lovely men and women from countries all over the world. Site has been running for a long time and is very easy to use. People who use it *are* generally into more wilder action which means you could easily have some luck with your Cfnm fantasies and wishes here!

Click Here To Visit Wildmatch.

Adult Friend Finder – The biggest dating and matchmaking site in the world. There are several off-shots from this site, including dating for christians, alternative dating and much more. I still think the main site is your best bet, since Cfnm is not hardcore BDSM but actually pretty mainstream. You can write a detailed profile here, describing Cfnm in great detail and with super search options you’re bound to find the right girl or guy if you’re a little patient!

Click Here To Visit Adult Friend Finder.

I’m only recommending these two sites right now since I’ve seen them work for people and because they are the top of the pops. If I come across any more great dating sites I’ll put them on here and be sure to let you know!

Comments so far:

Link Here | June 6, 2006,

Hi. I love cfnm. Women please mail me

Comment by cfnm

Link Here | October 3, 2006,

i am looking for a female whos into cfnm domination i am in miami

Comment by rafael

Link Here | October 27, 2006,

I would be willing to masturbate for single women or groups of women. Other acts (sucking strap-on, etc.) available if requested.

I am a fit 58 yo businessman.

I am in the SF Bay Area.

Comment by Reginald Courvaoei

Link Here | November 1, 2006,

I am SO willing to fulfill a woman’s (or women’s) desire for a CFNM scenario. It would be positively perfect and I would adore being naked in front of a woman and/or her group of women friends. Posing for photos would be wonderful and I take directio very well. You know, “Show us your hard on! Stroke it a little, OK, stop, Hold that pose! Smile! Got it! OK, now turn around slowly and show us your cute butt! Perfect!” The very idea of doing something like this makes me dizzy with desire. And it doesn’t have to be scripted, just ask me to take off all my clothes and we’ll wing it. Also, while i’m no Ahhnold Schwartzenggar, I have been told i have a “beautiful body.” So, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Write me at now!

Comment by Sean

Link Here | November 14, 2006,

would love to wank for women, on cam or live.
UK, merseyside.

Comment by david wevilll

Link Here | November 30, 2006,

Would love to start a CFNM party group in Christchurch New Zealand. My husband is keen and so are our best friends, another married couple. Please contact us on Discretion required, no cameras. Probably meet out of town.

Comment by Corrie

Link Here | November 30, 2006,

Hi there. I’m 6’2″, thin, athletic, with dark hair and blue eyes. I love to do chores in the nude for women (a CFNM scenario would be cool). I have had a lot of fun with this in the past and would love to do more of it. Come say hello!
I’m in Boston

Comment by Chris

Link Here | December 3, 2006,

I hope these parties exist. I’m in Rhode Island and am interested in going to one. Please let me know. Call at 401-787-6276.

Comment by Tim

Link Here | December 7, 2006,

I would LOVE to perform in a CFNM situation. Please email me if you’re in the WIsconsin, Northern Illinois area. I have pics and I will put on a good show!

Comment by Sebastian

Link Here | January 3, 2007,

would love to do cfnm for bachelorette or girls nights in. Providence and boston area.

Comment by ray

Link Here | January 14, 2007,

I love cfnm. I would love to be naked and masturbate for any ladies. I am in northern NJ.

Comment by Doug

Link Here | January 20, 2007,

I am 33 year old Indian from Chennai who like to do a CFNM show for women/girls. Those women who come from abroad to chennai can mail me and i can show u myself naked. For a difference watch an Indian Cock.

Indian girls and women who are interested just mail me i can show u in my car as well. My car is quiet dark inside with privacy.

Email me to

Comment by fancyguy

Link Here | February 14, 2007,

Would love to participate in some kind of Clothed Female nude male activity. Long to be naked in from of one or more Females. Serve and obey Women. Nothing extreme, but just fun and games. i have some ideas to share

Comment by David

Link Here | March 1, 2007,

Hi Girls,
Females looking for cyber CFNM action can contact me on Skype. Search for Philenzed. Usually on line from 9pm to 3 am GMT. You must have a webcam and mic to participate fully. Only females need bother applying, but will entertain a group of wenches gathered around their cam. All this for free! I will do anything and everything you command me to do.

Comment by Phil

Link Here | March 4, 2007,

i will make cfnm for woman on cam, please told me your address on skype-messenger. My adress is “michlthezombie1” , bye, sexy woman, i see you !!!

Comment by michl

Link Here | March 11, 2007,

Hello lovely mistresses,
would love to cfnm for you, anywhere near Montreal, would also enjoy any kind of domination you might impose on me, humiliate me, I am but a toy for your amusement. Help me help you to fulfill my fantasies.

Comment by Al Cunningham

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