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January 12th, 2006

Hello I’m Sarah and once again I want to welcome you here at my CFNM blog! This blog has been a long time due since me and my girlfriends (or “The Slut Squad” as we kiddingly call ourselves ;)) have for a long time been discussing how not many women know about CFNM.

CFNM is freedom for me and my girlfriends. When we go out on a Hen’s Night Out we shine more than we have ever done in our lives. We’re all happily married with men we love but we also have open relationships; I can go out and give a hot stripper a blowjob and he can tap some slut from the pub’s ass! What we’ve found out is actually that our own sex life has improved dramatically by trying other sexual partners and the same goes for my girlfriends.

And even if you know that your husband would not approve of you having fun with male strippers then go do it anyway! It’s such an incredible adrenaline kick to be at a Hen’s Night Out stripper party that you will want to try it at least once! Send over your girlfriends to my site and I’ll do my best to convince them that you are all going out for a little bit of naughty fun on friday ;)! Remember, life is too short not to do everything you want to!

If you’re new to CFNM then go check out the little FAQ I’ve written up on the subject; you’ll find it in sidebar along with links to my favourite CFNM sites out there!

I also want to tell you that if you have any questions about CFNM whatsoever please do contact me! I’ll gladly give out advice about keeping your CFNM adventures secret, good CFNM sites and what other topics that’re weighting your heart down. You’ll find the contact form at the top of the sidebar.

Enjoy my real cfnm blog and have fun out there ;)!


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