The CFNM Card Game Dare Story

November 29th, 2009

“A long but very good CFNM story detailing a bloke’s first cfnm experience with 5 lucky ladies!”

Dean and Anna was sitting in the pub Saturday afternoon, waiting for a couple of their friends. Dean was in a good mood, as the last week had been exceptionally good in his business, and was talking and cracking jokes all the time. Anna had only known him for about two years, but they spent a lot of time together, so she felt she knew him very well. They were both very competitive, and after spending lots of evenings playing games, you kind of get to know each others strengths and weaknesses through all the “fighting”.

She thought he was very good looking, but he was just a very good friend, and she would like to keep it that way. Nicole and Jenny soon arrived, and they spent the afternoon talking, laughing, and playing cards which Nicole brought along. As they played Dean started to throw in bets to make it more exciting, and the loser had to buy drinks for the others, tell a truth (like truth or dare), etc. As Anna won the most she was really enjoying it, and she loved to see Dean being slightly uncomfortable as she got to ask him a few personal fun questions.

Nicole and Anna had known each others for years, and they knew how to make guys embarrassed when they paired up, and this was the perfect moment. Dean had a great time with the three girls, and probably enjoying it even more, although he felt slightly intimidated at times. He had only known Jenny for a couple of months, and didn’t like to expose himself to her, and also to say, not really to the other girls either, but after all it was him who started to add the bets.

And when he won, he really got to shoot back. Him and Anna also fired each other up, and started to get more and more daring. Jenny noticed how competitive they were, and did all she could to stir it up even more. This was so much fun she thought, and she really liked him being so crazy.

Nicole won the next round and looked at Dean, smiling, saying; the question goes to the man; “when did you last look at porn on internet?” Dean blushed, he would like to say that he never did that, but his face expression revealed it already. All the girls started laughing, and he just blushed even more. Looks like you’re much into that stuff Anna said, causing them to laugh more. Ok Dean said, I guess there is no way out of this one, well I looked at it last week.

Jenny looked at him asking; “what did you look at Dean? …… and did you…..? She didn’t say more, but they all knew what she meant. There was a small pause in the conversation, before they all burst out laughing. Dean just leaned back smiling, while he was drinking the last sip of his beer.

Looks like we need another round of drinks, Nicole said, so the loser buys the next round. The loser was her this time, and she went to get the drinks. After a few more rounds and drinks, Dean said; “ok, let’s play a last daring game, and then go to Anna’s place. Are you up for that girls?” That’s fine with me said Anna. We can cook some nice food, and chill there for the evening.

What’s your suggestion for a last bet then Dean, she said? Come on, bring us something daring! Ok Dean said, I’ll give you a naked dare; “if I win, you will all be naked the whole evening, and if Anna win, I will be naked. “Oh, I’m not sure, Anna said, that is not really fair. It would be three naked girls, but only one naked guy. We need to decide on something else. What about, if you win we will all go naked plus give you a foot massage and serve you drinks all evening, but if you loose against any of us, you will go naked and do a dare for each of the girls?”

“I can’t believe you are including us in this”, Jenny said. “I don’t think I’m ready to be naked for one evening. I suggest this stays between the two of you”. “I knew you girls would chicken out”, Dean laughed, which made something stir up inside of Anna. “We are so not chickening out she said; oh come on girls, what chances does he have, it’s three against one”.

“Well, I’m in said Nicole, but only if Jenny joins us”. They both looked at Jenny who clearly wasn’t very sure about this. “Ohh, I’ve never done anything like this she said, but ok, let’s go mad tonight. I’m in”!

They all looked at each other and laughed, while they lifted their glasses for a cheers. This is soo mad, Nicole said. So are you ready Dean? Dean felt a bit nervous himself, but lifted his glass for the cheers, saying; “I’m always ready. Let’s go for it, and if anyone pulls out he or she will have to pay a grand to the others!”

They started to play the last round, and Dean could feel his heart beating, as he didn’t get the best cards. Anna looked at him and noticed it, so she smiled at him saying; How are you doing there, you look at bit nervous? I must say, I can’t wait to see you undress. Nicole and Jenny laughed a bit, although they were a bit nervous themselves. The thought of being naked for the evening, wasn’t appealing to any of them. They didn’t have to worry for too long, as the game ended after two minutes, and Dean lost against both Anna and Jenny.

This brought a lot of whistling, laughing and screaming as the girls celebrated, and people started to look over at their table. Ok, let’s keep it down girls, Anna said, let us rather bring our trophy back to my flat. I can’t wait to see it!

Dean didn’t know what to feel or say as he looked at their smiling faces, but he felt himself blushing from the thought of undressing in front of these girls. Why would he do such a stupid thing as this, he told himself, but now it was too late, and he was man for paying his debt. Ok, girls let’s go. I can’t wait to get naked, he said, winking at them.

As they reached the flat, he could feel the adrenaline building up as he got closer to the task. They all jumped down in the sofa, while Anna put on some music. Let’s get started, she said. Dean, this is soo much fun. I would never have guessed the evening would end up so perfect. And now we all get to know you a lot better, she said with a grin on her face. And girls, let’s think of some really daring dares, as I could really use a grand if he should decide to pull out. They were all laughing again, but Dean assured them that it would never happen that he pulled out!

As they all sat watching him, he started to undress while they were whistling and encouraging him. He was now down to his boxer shorts, and could almost feel his legs shaking, as in the next move they would see his penis. It was an average size circumcised penis so it wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about, but still, getting naked in front of these girls made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Why are you stopping up Nicole said, show us our trophy. He then pulled down his boxers, and stood there completely naked in, as the girls gazed at his penis.

It became a bit too much for him, so he quickly moved his hands to cover his dick. Oh, come on, that’s not allowed said Anna. Move your
hands! Just then she got a call from her friend, and she disappeared to the kitchen. When she came back, she announced that Angela and Nisha would come over, and explained that it was planned long time ago, but she had just forgotten about it. Anyway, that will just add a couple of more dares to you Dean, as the deal was that you had to do a dare for each of the girls. We didn’t say how many girls it would be, and we didn’t restrict the evening to include only us.

Dean looked a bit worried, and said, that is not fair. You can’t just keep on inviting girls to this evening. “Fair enough” said Anna, but we didn’t say that we couldn’t bring anyone either. I suggest that we just allow these two girls to come, and then we won’t invite anyone else.
Deal? Well, ok, I guess… he mumbled……. ,but the door bell broke him off before he was finished taking. Angela and NIsha arrived as they lived just around the corner, but were shocked when they saw the naked guy in the living room.

Anna didn’t tell them, and was laughing her head off when she saw their face expressions. What the heck is going on here, Nisha said. Oh, we are just having some fun with our friend Dean, Jenny said, as he lost the card game earlier today. Dean looked at them as they walked towards him, but then he couldn’t help himself and started laughing. This must be the most crazy moment I’ve had in my life he said, which broke some of the awkward atmosphere in the room.

Angela looked at him holding his hands in front of penis; shake hands or kiss, she said smiling. Dean took her hand, but also gave her a kiss on the cheek, she didn’t let go of his hand, and as Nisha approached, he gave her the other hand as she kissed him on his cheek. Now they were just standing there, holding his hands, and they were all looking at his penis. This attention was too much for him and he could feel his penis starting to grow.

Oh no, he said, this is getting embarrassing, as he pulled his hands back and covered his dick again. Well, lets start with the dares girls said Anna. Oh, you two didn’t know that of course, but he is not just naked tonight. He has also agreed to grant us one wish each, so please think of something daring. Who wants to start?

Me said Jenny; my wish is to see him dance for us! They all got themselves a drink, and got back into the sofa, and the music came on. Dean got in position in front of them again, and started to dance as good as he could. He wasn’t particularly good at it, and it became even more funny as he was naked. The girls laughed and commented as his penis followed his dance moves. Look at that thingy said Jenny, it is bouncing like mad!

Dean felt pretty stupid right now, and it wasn’t just from being naked. Who is next, Anna said as the song finished. What about you Nisha? Ok, she said, but I don’t know what to wish for yet. Dean was now standing with his hands in front of his penis again. Well, I certainly want to see more of that penis, so, oh yeah, I know, my wish is; to tie his hands on his back, and he will have to stand where I tell him to. She felt so thrilled by this, and went to find a scarf in the hallway.

She then tied his hands on his back, so his penis was now prominently displayed to all the girls. Ok, come a bit closer to us please, she said, so we can see it better. Dean walked over to the sofa, and could feel the excitement from the girls looking at his penis. He just stood there as they talked about it, and he could feel it was getting hard again. Look, it’s getting bigger Nisha said, and it started to bounce up and down as it grew to its full size in front of them. Wow, I’ve never seen this before she said. That was amazing, and now it looks really big. Her eyes was glued to his penis.

Nicole looked at him, and could see a mix of excitement and embarrassment. Ok, can I have my wish now please. I would like him to allow all of us to tickle him. Your wish is granted Anna said; come on girls, let’s have some fun. They all jumped on him and got him down in the sofa, tickling him all over his body as he was laughing like crazy. The feeling of having all these girls touching him was a great feeling, and some times they were brushing into his penis or balls, making him even more excited.

They let him go after a while, and he was just laying there, trying to catch his breath. Some of them couldn’t keep their hands off him, and randomly tickled his feet, underarms or stomach. Wow, this is so much fun said Angela, having her dark hair all over her face, like after a pillow fight at a sleepover party.

Ok, can I have my wish now? As he is naked, I would like to make him a bit horny, so I would like that we all tickle his balls for 3 minutes each. Nisha gasped as she heard it, and put her hand in front of her mouth, and the other girls giggled. What a great idea, why don’t you start Anna said, looking at Dean to see how he liked it. Ok, she said, please stand over here Dean and let me start. She was truly enjoying
teasing him, and so were the other girls.

Dean had been horny all day, but this didn’t make it better of course. He looked over at Anna, and could see her smiling, but with a hint of an evil grin on her face. You soo lost this time, didn’t you, she said? Nicole was now tickling his balls, so he had problems finding the right words to answer her back. He just ended up smiling instead. As the girls continues, Nicole suddenly shouts out; look at the head of his penis, it is getting wet!

Everyone was looking, and a drop of precum was formed on the head. I’ll take it Anna said, and removed it with a napkin. It was her turn, and she first felt his balls in her hand before she started the tickling. It wasn’t really ticklish for him, but instead it felt extremely good. Another drop was formed, and Dean started to feel embarrassed again. It suddenly stroke him that he was naked, with a hard on, in front of five girls, which was his friends, and he started to blush again.

Anna looked at him and saw that his face was getting red, so she asked him; are you still embarrassed or are you getting really horny now? The girls laughed again, and Angela said; ohh, I think he is getting pretty horny, his eyes are rolling now. I bet you didn’t expect it to be this embarrassing when we were in pub earlier today, Anna said? Well, clearly not he answered.

Well, I must admit that I didn’t expect it either, but I must say that it has turned out to be pretty successful so far! Dean couldn’t help for smiling, when he saw the smiling face of Anna and the other girls. The last dare is mine she said, and I think a have a good one for you. Dean felt a bit anxious, as it was Anna bringing the dare to the table. Ok, she said, it is a pretty easy one; you just have to stay as hard as you are now for the half an hour, without touching it, and that’s it. But if you don’t manage, then you will have to use your hands to get hard again, and for every time have to do that, then you have to fuck the hand of one of us girls for 30 seconds, while we are all watching.

She then formed a circle with her finger and thumb, and hold the hand out to show him what she meant. Oh, I can’t do that he said, this has been embarrassing enough. Well, fair enough she said, I can always use a grand for some shopping. He looked at her with a look that could kill, but realised that this was the final task, and he was free from the bet.

Well, so far he did well, as he was still rock hard after the ball treatment from the girls. The time went by, but after a few minutes he noticed that his penis started to get softer. He tried to look at the girls and think of them naked, which did help, but he still couldn’t manage to keep it up without touching. Oh, finally Nisha said, I’ve been waiting for this. As he started to touch himself and masturbate to get it hard in front of the girls, he felt more naked that ever before. This was so embarrassing.

I guess you have done this a few times before, said Jenny. It looks like you have a good technique. Everyone was laughing, and continued with their fun jokes. Can I, Nisha said and held out her hand and formed the circle. Of course Anna said, go ahead Dean, don’t be shy. Dean was now hard, and walked over to Nisha and placed his penis in her hand. Ok, start moving now she said, let’s see your moves. Dean started to move his hip back and forth, and his penis was moving inside her hand. It felt really good, and now he could feel that he was close to cumming.

The girls were sitting just in front of him, watching his penis sliding through Nisha’s hand. Some precum came on her hand, and she almost pulled it back, causing them all to laugh. Ok, 30 seconds over, so you better stay hard this time Anna said. Dean felt relieved as he didn’t cum in front of them, as that would be the ultimate embarrassment. He now looked at the time and saw that it was only 15 minutes left. If he could only manage to stay hard for the remaining time. But this time it went softer after just about 2 minutes, and Nicole quickly pointed it out.

Let’s see some handy work again Dean. We don’t like it soft you know! He started to touch himself again and masturbated as they were all watching intensively. He could feel that he was getting close, so he stopped for a moment. Why are you stopping Anna said, I don’t think it is proper hard yet?

She knew why he stopped, but she couldn’t help being a naughty. Let me feel it. She went over to him and took his penis in her hand. No, it’s not proper hard yet, so please continue a bit more. Dean looked at the other girls, who didn’t realise how close he was, and saw the grin on Anna’s face. She still held his penis, which made it even more difficult to hold it back, but now it was hard, it was rock hard.

He seems to be pretty hard now Angela said; can he do my hand this time? Dean walked over to her, as she was smiling and holding out her hand. He placed his penis in her hand, and she used the opportunity to feel him properly before she formed the circle. She then squeezed it gently, and he started to move. He suddenly stopped, as he couldn’t hold it back if he continued further, but it
didn’t help. To have her hand around his penis was now enough, and he started to spurt load after load.

The girls looked mesmerized as he shot his loads, and Angela continued to hold it and slightly stroking it, while she was laughing like crazy. They all laughed and applauded, although it came a bit unexpected for some of them. Dean did now feel really embarrassed after getting an orgasm in front of all of them, and was blushing from head to toe. Nothing to be embarrassed about said Anna, that was the best show I’ve had in a long time - and you look amazing naked!

“Thanks to Cam who submitted the story! Tell us what you think of it in the comment section.”

Idea For A CFNM Video Called “Handjob 101″

November 9th, 2009

“While not quite formatted as a movie script, this story submitted by Steve came to him when he was imagining what he’d like to see in a CFNM video. It’s called “Handjob 101″ and features a slice of the sweet college life re-imagined as pure CFNM heaven. Grrr I’d love to get my hands on Jim!”

One day a guy named Jim, a local college quarter back for the local college got out of his car after a long summer vacation. He had not released in a real long time, since his parents insisted that he come and stay with them for a while. So, he gets out of his car and walks into his dorm room. He has a private dorm room. Now, the dorms are co-eds and so that there are boys on the top floor and girls on the bottom floor. There are no bathrooms in the dorm rooms so the boys have to go down the hall to the bathroom.

He opens the door and takes off his clothes right in front of the bath stall that he is at. He lays his clothes onto the bench in the back and walks into the shower. He knows that this will have to be quick if he is to catch his first class. So, as a man would do it, he takes a quick shower, but stops from getting out when he hears the door to the shower room shut. He did not bring a towl, because he was going to put the same clothes on before. The door shuts again and he shuts off the shower juggles a little bit to get the extra water off of him and walks up to the bench. There are nobody in the showers. He thinks to himself, “Thank GOD”. So he goes to the bench, however, his clothes are missing.

Right now he is freaking out, not just because his clothes are gone, but because his wallet, money, and his room key were his pants. Suddenly, he gets an idea. He will sneak down to his room and get in and get some other clothes then he will report those jerks who stole his clothes. He holds himself and opens up the door. He peeks out both ways and nobody is out there walking the halls. He feels happy. He runs to the left to his room and tries the door. Locked!!! “NOOO!” he thinks. He is now naked, cold and his class starts in fifteen minutes. Suddenly he hears some commotion. It sounds like girls laughing and they are in his room peeking through the peep hole.

“You want in to get your clothes?” asked one of the girls.
“Yes please!” yells Jim.
“What will you give us in return?” one of the other girls ask.
“Anything,” replied Jim. “Money, a massage, more money? You name it.”

The door unlocks and opens. Two girls named Ashley and Amanda meet him at the door. Amanda is pretty skinny woman who has pretty good looking boobs and she is very sleek and slender with good curves. Ashley is about the same way, except she is known for pranks. Jim runs into the room and goes to his closet. Amanda pushes him away while Ashley shuts and locks the door. “I have to get to class!” yells Jim. “Class is cancelled, Jimmy,” replied Amanda. “Handjob 101 is about to begin.”

Jim is a virgin, but he does masturbate when he needs to. It has been three weeks since he has masturbated. Amanda turns to Ashley and says, “I will stroke him and you will watch.” Ashley is very inexperienced, so she just watches so the next time she can do it. Amanda sits on Jim’s bed, while Ashley stands in front of the door. Jim cups his hands around his penis and balls. “Don’t hide it,” says Amanda. “Let me see it.”

Jim slowly releases his grip and shows his penis and balls to the two girls. Suddenly he penis begins to rise and get longer. His penis is about seven inches long.

“WOW!” says Amanda.
“You really are excited aren’t you?” Jim stands there just shaking a little bit.
“Jim,” says Amanda. “I want you to stroke it for me.”
“Here? Why can’t I go to class?” asked Jim.
“Jim, do you need help, I can help you,” replied Amanda.
“He probably forgot after break with his mommy,” said Ashley with a smile.

Amanda motions for Jim to come over. He walks slowly up to her, because he is very nervous. Amanda lifts up her hand and starts stroking his penis. His penis is really hard and Jim is enjoying it, because of Amanda’s hands are soft and just able to get around his hard cock. She keeps stroking it and stroking it and Jim moans and groans in pleasure when all of a sudden Jim feels an almost floating sensation in his penis then it goes up his shaft and then through his body.

Then WAM! he feels a big pulsive wave of pleasure slowly but surely race throughout his body and then it goes down back to the shaft of his penis and then he cums all over Amanda’s clothed chest. He penis throbs for about ten seconds and with each throb, semen races out and sprays Amanda. Amanda laughes with each pulse and keeps stroking him until the last pulse and his penis becomes limp. Amanda gets up and leaves with Ashley, leaving Jim standing there in disbelief.

“Sometimes dreams come true little Jim! CFNM video shooters, please make this real!”

CFNM Birthday Story

November 7th, 2009

“Hi guys Sarah’s here! I’m back for now adding stories to the site, I have a ton of cfnm stories submitted by users I’ll be sharing with all you sweet guys (and girls!) out there. Remember I never edit/censor ANYTHING in these stories so this is all the raw truth of real people’s cfnm experiences. Enjoy this first new story of many to come, it’s about a pretty wild birthday cfnm experiencea a reader of the blog had.”

My birthday story. I have never submitted a story anywhere and i was just browsing and came across this site. so i thought i would tell you what happened on my last birthday. you can post it if you like, it is a true story. i havent realised that cfnm was a big thing.

anyway one of my best freinds and “f” buddy calls me up and says “you ready to go grab a drink for your birthday?” yup i says what time? i’ll be there bout 8pm. ok. well she picks me up, and had two other female freinds of mine with her. i was wearing casual shorts and a tee shirt, it was july, they tell me to get in the back seat where BM and CZ are sitting. when i get in they put me in the middle. we have always kinda messed around and i have slept with all of them at different points of my life, so as you can guess we are pretty close.

they have me put my arms around them then effectively pinning my arms, and while we are stopped the driver KB turns around and says we are gonna have fun with you tonight. do you trust us?, i said yes of course i do. she then grabs my shorts and pulls them down and then off, she puts them on the front seat. at first i panicked cause we were in a semi public place. then BM takes my shoes and socks off and throws them on the front seat. she says so i cant run away. then CZ tells me to lift my arms up so she can take my shirt off. i comply. i tell the ladies that im a little nervous cause we are, by now driving around in public.

when we get to the first traffic light light that’s red, KB the driver gets out, i was thinking what the heck? than i notice she has my clothes in her hand, she puts them in the trunk. i was thinking, “oh s**t!” she gets back in and we take off. well BM and CZ start playing with me getting me hard, kissing me and all that, then all of a sudden at the next red light they tell me to get out! i laughed and said what? get out or we are gonna throw you out and leave you here. i climb out and they tell me to start playing with myself so i do, and i’m hurrying before other cars drive up. the light turns and i jump in. wow! that was crazy! the girls laughed and said just wait.

we drive around for awhile then they pull into a parking lot at a park. they tell me to get out again. BM and CZ get out with me. then KB just drives off and leaves us there. HOLy s**t! my clothes are in the car. ok steph time for you to get off, said the girls, they tell me to jack off for them or they will take off walking and leave me. i start and surprisingly fast i cum all over my self. they laugh and said that i was great. they start playing with me again and then KB returns and we get in. it was a great night. ever since then i cant stop thinking about them driving off with my clothes and making me jack off in a parkinglot like that. anyway it was awesome hope you like my story.

“I sure liked it! Thanks for sharing this, take care guys see you soon, xoxo Sarah.”

Cfnm Sorority Tales

January 22nd, 2007

IntroductionHi, I just found your site from a yahoosearch for “cfnm + school”. I really like the cfnm sub-genre where innocent boys entertain a sorority. There are a lot of fraternity initiation pictures on the web but very few really tickle my fancy; the guys are partly covered or it includes half-dressed girls at the same time, or whatever. So I’ve been jotting down all these ideas for a sorority cfnm movie. Anyone is welcome to “flesh them out” so to speak.

I. Planning

The girls at the big sorority at CFNMU run a fund-raiser every year. All of their events are appreciated, but lately they’ve been getting tired of wimpy cfnm events where the boys are mostly streaking, or are partly covered.

Discussions started off sober and demure. “Participation has been falling off. Are our cfnm events were getting, well, tame? I don’t even remember the last time I saw an erection on the quad”.

Pretty soon, a sophomore broke the ice when she said “I want to count the veins on the cocks”, another said “I want to see the cum squirt out of their holes”. A mature senior said “I want to see them do my housework”.

They especially didn’t like it when boys wore sunglasses, masks or scarves. Unlike most men, who could enjoy viewing female body parts, they wanted to see the whole package.

In short, what they want to see is women in control, men completely naked, they had to see everything up close and personal. And they wanted to see EVERY decent-looking male on campus. They wanted a CFNMapalooza!

Word spread thru the campus that any eligible boy who didn’t show up would not do any dating for the rest of the semester. The girls were pleasantly surprised when the school nurse volunteered to be faculty advisor. “Heck, all I ever see of those boys are their sore throats”.

They even invited female teachers to be judges. “I want to see my boyfriend’s face when he sees his English teacher laughing at his precious cock”.

II. Preparation

The psych majors developed a sophisticated questionnaire for the boys to hand in to the organizers no later than a week before the event. It including ranking which activities would humiliate them the most in front of females: being examined, shaved, masturbating, urinating, etc.

The release forms that they signed said that the organizers would take the boys’ preferences into account when they assigned the boys to their events. This was true, they did use the boys’ preferences - to assign them to the events they would find MOST humiliating. The boys, known as “entrants”, were to bring nothing to the event except the clothes they were wearing and their student ID’s and driver’s licenses. These would be held as assurance to make sure that the boys followed all the rules and obeyed all legitimate orders from the organizers.

III. Entrance

They all gathered in the hall outside the gym. Girls sitting at tables checked that the boys brought their ID’s and gave them their entry numbers, to be worn around their necks, and gave them their assignments.

They sent the entrants into the gym 2-3 at a time. As more males lined up to get in, they were encouraged to save time by taking off their pants and shirts in the hallway and just take off their underwear in the gym.

The boys had to trot to the middle of the floor, to the applause of the crowd, strip naked, and carry their clothes into the girls’ locker room. (Well, not quite naked: all entrants kept their athletic shoes and socks on because there would be a lot of walking and running during the fest, ). They handed their clothes and ID cards to the girls acting as attendants who then locked their things in the lockers.

IV. Nursing Station

The Nursing Schools pre-event was extremely popular with the audience, at least for the not-faint-hearted ladies. The preferred male subjects had no body piercings or tattoos, so the experience would be quite a surprise. The entrants stood still in full view of the bleachers as the nursing students performed a quick check of their pulse, blood pressure and rectal temperature. Then, a team of 4 strong girls grabbed the naked boy’s limbs and held them spread-eagled. Two others prepped the penis and pierced the foreskin or the frenum if he was circumcised. Instead of a ring, they inserted the silver-plated shackle of a small padlock to stretch the new opening. Then it was locked onto a chain, by which they led the boys to their next event.

V. Phys Ed

The female athletes used males like batons in a relay race. One girl stood at the starting line next to a naked boy. The other waited at the next leg of the race. At the sound of the starting pistol, the first girls grabbed a cock and they ran in tandem. The males were handed off to the second girl who ran them to the finish line. It certainly behooved the boys to run closely synchronized with the girl, lest there be some painful pulling. Runners with long legs usually have an advantage in a race, but this case a long penis was also an advantage, since they were easier to grab, with less fumbling.

The boys with difficulty urinating in public were given coffee and beer alternately until they couldn’t hold it in.

They were the “weapons” in target practice - with the boys hands tied behind their backs, the girls hold the boys’ cocks and aimed them at large jars about 5 feet away. When the markswomen were ready, they triggered the boys to start urinating by giving them a sharp slap on the butt. Of course, the goal is to get the most urine in the jars; extra points are awarded to the boy who pees the longest time, maybe a “biggest bladder” award.

In judging contests with mixed-sex teams, they combined two principles: winning women are rewarded; losing men are penalized. The males who lost were to be the naked servants of the winning female for a day. They might do laundry, vacuum etc.. Washing windows was an especially popular chore, since the girls wanted to display their trophies to the outside world. They also would have friends visit, and the naked servants served drinks and snacks.

VI. Freshmen The shyest freshmen were directed to spend the time introducing themselves to as many girls as possible. To keep track, the girls signed the cocks with indelible ink. The kind-hearted girls used felt tip pens, crueler ones used fine ballpoint, and one sadist signed them right across the penis heads.

VII. Home Economics

At lunch time, they all walked outside to the cafeteria across the Quad. The home economics team set up a buffet, where naked boys served food, carried trays for the female patrons and bussed tables. Others simply lay quietly on the tables while the girls ate and talked. Some girls made up games to play with the cocks.

After all the girls finished eating, the boys were allowed to carry sandwiches and eat them while they walked to their next event.

VIII Finance, History

The joint project of Business and History students was a slave auction of the naked entrants. Those that were not given a lock and chain piercing had a genital leash and collar locked around the base of their penes (yes, the plural of penis is “penes”) behind the scrotums. One by one they were paraded before the audience who bid on them. The highest bidder got a boy to be a naked servant on the day of her choice. Again, housework and party servers were popular tasks. No, they did not carry the girls’ books to class. That would have been very distracting and disruptive of the educational experience.

A few items had special themes. For example, one boy was known as something of a racist, who accidentally got accepted to the school. Only black girls were allowed to bid on him. Since he was the only one, he was auctioned off 3 times to different girls, to give more of them a chance for some educational fun. By treating him fairly and not stooping to humiliating him with penis-size racial stereotypes, they actually got him to enjoy their company.

Sometimes complications occur. Mary became visibly upset when her best friend Jane outbid her for a day with Joe, Mary’s boyfriend. It turned out okay because it was an early birthday present. On the assigned day, Jane led naked Joe by his genital leash to Mary’s room. Jane directed Joe to make love to Mary, while she was still holding the leash. When they were done, Mary asked Jane for the leash, and told Joe to lie down while Jane sat on his face until she was satisfied (remember, CFNM day was over).

IX Art and Fashion

The Art and Design students held a jewelry and fashion show. Homemade penis rings, bands, bells, hoods; body painting and pubic hair styles were all featured.

The handling that took place to trim and decorate their pubic hair brought on the first spontaneous erections of the day. The naked entrants went out on a runway right through the audience, so the girls could check out their decorations up close. They looked for jewelry to buy for their boyfriends, and examined the pubic hair styles, trying to decide which would look best on themselves.

Probably the unhappiest boy was wearing the penis hood with plug. All the girls had to try it, pulling it out and putting it back in his urethra.

X. Biology

The Bio students, wearing lab coats, performed experiments on the entrants. For instance, measuring testicle size with calipers, being very careful to hurt them, (but not so much that the boys were debilitated) then having them masturbate. They wanted to see if there were correlations based on size. The scientists stayed close as the boys masturbated, commenting on technique. The audience was allowed to participate in a betting pool on how fast they would finish, who would have the most semen, etc.

XI. Agriculture

The ideal event for boys with “control issues” was with the girls of the Agriculture College. The males had their hands tied behind their backs and ankles tied close together. They were lined up and one by one, pulled by their leashes, hobbled over to one of the “milkmaids” sitting on stage. They had a “milking race” to see who could jerk off the most boys. The contest ended when the last one came.

First, second and third prizes, respectively, for the girls was their choice of any 3, 2 and 1 boy to be their naked servant(s) on the weekend(s) of their choice.

XII. Finale

The Photography Club set up tripods by the girls’ locker room door. Any boy who had not yet ejaculated had to do so for the cameras before he could get his clothes. If he tried and tried, but just couldn’t cum, a nursing student put on a glove and gave him a prostate massage for the desired result.

The freshmen, however, in order to avoid smearing their autographs, just had to stand still, for a full-length portrait featuring their proudly decorated cocks.

All the best pictures were blown up to life-size and kept on display all around the girls’ dorm. Special honors for the boys with the most signatures.

Then everyone went home and collapsed. And started thinking about how to top it next year.

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A Cfnm Experience - The New Guy

December 13th, 2006

This great cfnm story was submitted a little while ago, had forgotten about it but I finally got it up today. One of the best submissions et in my humble opinion. Christmas time is just around the corner - have you had a Cfnm Christmas tale you wanna tell to the world? Submit it to me and I’ll post it up!

I had just moved into an apartment complex with lots and lots of fun singles. They had tons of activities including a 60 team volleyball league. Being a guy and trying to get on a team is very tough. Long story short decided to form my own team. Part of that process was posting that I needed players on a board in a bar the complex had. In the process of doing that this very attractive employee of the complex came over. She had recognized me as being new and invited me to the new resident social that was going on. She was very pretty and dressed in a very professional but very short mini-skirt with white silk blouse and pantyhose.

She had long blonde hair, beautiful face, and awesome body. Long story short there was quite a bit of drinking, and we ended up going for a walk. She asked me why I asked her to go for a walk and that’s when I leaned down and kissed her. We spent the next 30 minutes making out in a near by field. Things got very excited and we felt each other all over. She was massaging my cock and I her pussy. I was so turned on, I whispered in her ear ‘you make me so hot…I want to strip for you’. She whispered back ‘wow that sound fun’ and she took me back to her apartment.

Can’t tell you how excited the both of us were on the drive to her apartment. My cock was rock hard and she clearly saw that and helped keep it that way by rubbing it. She asked ‘now you’re not going to chicken out on me are you?’, I replied ‘no’. She asked me how much I’d take off and I smiled and replied ‘everything’. Can’t tell you the excitement of being taken by this lady to her house knowing that when we got there I was required to strip for her.

When we got to her house, she sat in the center of her dining room in a chair without arms. I began my show. I slowly began to dance for her and slowly unbutton my shorts (it was May and a hot day). I was very near her and she was constantly touching me and rubbing my cock. I slowly unzipped my zipper and she reached in and felt my cock thru my underwear. When the zipper reached the bottom, the shorts dropped off me to the floor. I had white string bikini underwear on and the outline of my cock was clearly visible to her.

I continued my show and to rub up against her. The rush I felt showing off for her and dancing without my shorts was incredible. I then unbuttoned my shirt and took quite a bit of time taking it off in a very teasing fashion. Now all I had on was my underwear. I kissed her and asked her if she was ‘ready to see it all’. She replied ‘take is off baby!’ and gave my butt a firm smack.

Here I was with a gorgeous lady, a total stranger and hour ago, and I was about to dance nude for her…We were both very excited. I began to tease her by playing with my underwear and flashing her, but not letting her see my cock. ‘She commented you tease!’ and smiled. The flashing increase and so did the amount I showed her. At first it was just the tip of my cock and then as time when on more and more, until I was flashing her my completely hard cock. I also teased her with my butt, which I’ve been told is very attractive.

After about 5 minutes of this teasing she asked ‘so when do I get to see it all?’ I smiled and said soon! I leaned over and gave her a big kiss and just as I did before began to tease her flashing my cock. Except this time when I lowered the front of my underwear, they kept going down. I turned around as I took them completely off had my back to her. I now danced and teased her with the underwear off but holding them in front of my rock hard cock. Did this for about a minute and then slowly removed them and tossed them over my shoulder all the way across the room. I was completely nude with a hard cock and performing for this attractive, completely clothed woman.

We both were so turned on. I performed for her for a couple of minutes and she sucked on my cock quite a bit and then I whispered in her ear ‘so would you like to see me cum?’ She was so excited I could hear her heavy breathing ‘oh yes’ was her reply. I performed and then got down and began to stroke my cock for her. She was very excited as my hand went up and down the shaft of my cock. Soon I was squirting the largest load ever for her. I swear I had 7 or 8 solid shoots of cum before I began to stop. We spent a very passionate night together and had a number of other CFNM experiences that if the feedback is good I write more about.

This was my first CFNM experience and have had more. I love to do nude house chores (cleaning, laundry, etc.) and perform for parties or anything else nude! You can reach me at if you’re interested. Women only please.

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Casual Cfnm Party Story

December 5th, 2006

I absolutely love this story - especially this line: “I spent over 30 minutes just quietly fiddling with two guys pricks, whilst chatting about girlie things with the other women, as if they were stress toys.” - fantastic! Enjoy the story and send your comments to the email attached at the end.

I’ve been to one CFNM party and that was whilst I was on holiday staying with my sister in Essex, UK. I live in New Zealand which is a very conservative country when it comes to these matters.

She is older than meby 4 years and her husband 10 years older again. It was the 29th Febraury 2004 and we went to a leap year party. It is traditional in the UK for bosses to serve workers on this day and these 6 couples had switched that around so that the husbands had to serve the wives every need. And they had to do it nude, which they all seemed keen to do. I think this was a regular swinging group, as they all got on very very well. I was the only unattached female. Not one item of girls clothing was removed during the whole evening but we got to play with all the guys and had the usual measuring and wanking contests. After they had all cum the guys paired up and took their samples to the two wives who had to tell by a taste test which was their husbands and which was the other guys. 4 wives guessed right and two wrong. These two had to clean all six guys up between them.

I spent over 30 minutes just quietly fiddling with two guys pricks, whilst chatting about girlie things with the other women, as if they were stress toys.

When I got back home to NZ I told my husband about the evening and our best friends and we had a mini CFNM evening together. But I would love to get a group of say 6 to 10 couples maybe some single people too and hold a real CFNM party in an hotel or nice country house. So anybody in Canterbury NZ who is interested please contact us on We are in our mid 40s but any age can apply (over 18).

Long CFNM Doctor Story Part 1

November 27th, 2006

A reader named Jeff just sent in this extremely detailed and very long cfnm tale - definitely worth the read! Here’s part 1, part 2 can be found right below!

David opened the door to the doctor’s surgery and stepped inside. He still wasn’t one hundred percent sure he wanted to go ahead with this, but the injury was starting to get worse and he didn’t want to take the risk of aggravating it and then missing the final few games of the season.

David was a tall, athletic guy, he had to be in his profession as a semi professional soccer player. He had a cheeky smile and dazzling blues eyes that made him a hit with the ladies.

He had no trouble getting laid, that was for sure, and if he was honest the injury he’d been feeling for the last week was hampering his performance between the sheets. That had been one, if not the main, reason he decided to pay a visit to his doctor.

As he entered the surgery he was greeted by the receptionist. She was aged about 40 years with shoulder length blonde hair. She flashed him a smile as he entered. He saw her name badge read Judy.

After introducing himself Judy said, “I don’t know if you are aware but Doctor Harmer isn’t here today, he’s at another surgery.We’ve got doctor Mckenzie covering today.”

David said it wouldn’t be a problem, not even considering for one minute that Doctor Mckenzie wouldn’t be a male doctor. Had the thought entered his mind before he walked into the doctor’s room he may well have got up and cancelled his appointment.

As it was, David sat down and after a few minutes was informed by Judy that Doctor McKenzie was ready to see him. He stood up and followed Judy along the corridoor and felt his eyes fall upon the firmshape of her buttocks through her black skirt. She also had nicely shaped calves, he observed, and in general a slim figure. He’d stolen a glance at her breasts when he first arrived and they appeared quite large behind her white blouse.

Still imagining what those tits might look like out of that blouse, David absentmindedly followed Judy into the doctor’s room.

The doctor who stood up and offered her hand to him was not the male he had been expecting.The look of surprise on his face was all too apparent. He saw a slight smile pass quickly over Judy’s face as he first looked away and then back at the female doctor stood behind the desk.

Doctor Phillipa McKenzie, or Pippa as she liked to be known, was aged about 28 years and was tall and slim. She had long black hair that she had tied back tight across her head. She had a slim figure and eyes that looked as though they were always enjoying a private joke.

He couldn’t be sure, but David was certain he spotted a fleeting smile between Judy and the gorgeous doctor stood before him. Even a raised eyebrow of approval from Judy before she turned and left the room?

There was no doubt about it, she was a real looker, David thought. A naturally pretty face that needed little make up to highlight her beauty.

He took a seat as offered and Pippa got straight down to business. She studied him from across the desk in much the same was as david had surveyed her when he first walked in. She liked what she saw, no question, and felt a flutter inside her at the thought of what was to come.

Even fully clothed she could see David had a muscular, toned body. She quickly learned from their introductory small talk that he was a keen footballer and she could just picture his firm, powerful thighs inside his jeans. She also sensed another question racing through her head - what did his cock look like?

Pippa enjoyed her job, being a doctor was a childhood dream come true, but it also enabled her to indulge another earlier developed love for getiing her hands on cocks. The more the better. She just loved to see and touch and suck cock, and play with them in her soft hands.

Being a doctor meant she got to see many a cock, and they came in all sizes. She was mischievious with it, making it a personal goal to try to arouse whatever male patient she found in front of her. It was a huge power surge to watch a man’s cock stiffen into a full blown erection in front of her. She wondered again just how David’s cock would look, and if it was a big one when erect. There’s only one way to find out, she said to herself.

“So, you have a tightening in your right thigh?” she asked him. “Yes, i’ve had the pain for about a week now and it hurts when I run.” Pippa stood up and walked around the desk. She knew he would notice her short skirt as it was a good 3-4 inches above her kneeline and certainly a lot shorter than he had imagined. She watched silently as his eyes dropped to her legs, taking in the smooth shape of her calves. Her legs were long and encased in black hold up stockings, but David did not know that. Yet.

David’s eyes slid up and down her body and he felt his cheeks start to warm and his heart beat grew a little faster. He watched her as she walked past him, brushing so close to him he felt the material of her skirt. He felt himself take a deep breath in as she went by, wanting to smell her. She had a lovely tight arse as well, he observed.

Pippa deliberately walked behind him then stopped and placed a hand on his right shoulder, feeling him jump. “I’m going to need to examine you in a minute, David,” she purred softly. He couldn’t answer, his mouth was now becoming dry and he felt a familiar stirring between his legs as blood began to make its way to his cock and his balls.

She walked back in front of him and sat on the edge of the desk directly in front of him, just inches away. He felt she must have been able to hear his deepening breath. David watched as she then crossed her legs in front of him. Her skirt was short and the movement revealed a large proportion of her legs as she did so. He was sure he caught a glimpse of stocking tops, and as if to confirm this for him she again uncrossed then recrossed her legs.

“Right then,” Pippa announced with a wide grin, “Time to get them off!” David almost choked but she carried on, still smiling that pretty smile at him. “Go on, up you get on the couch, and take your jeans down.” He did as she said, standing up and then laying on his back on the couch. He felt a little nervous, he was used to being around pretty women but today he was overcome with a mixture of excitement and unease. This largely due to the warm sensation developing in his groin area as she layed there looking at her.

Pippa stood up and walked to him, still smiling. “Don’t be shy now, I’ve done this hundreds of times before.” As she said this she looked down into David’s eyes and he felt himself being held down there by her. She kept talking but never once took her eyes from his. Her voice, too, took on a softer, enticing tone. It was as if she was placing him in some kind of trance as he, too, couldn’t take his eyes from hers. “I didn’t have you down as a shy one, David. I’m going to have to take your jeans off to examine your thigh.”

Her captivating eyes twickled down at him, “It’s only your thigh I want to look at, honest, ” she whispered in a tone that suggested there was certainly more than one thing she intended to examine. David, by now, was frozen and held by her, his heart pumping wildly and his cock starting to swell inside his pants. He lay there and watched as she reached down to his belt and slowly undid the buckle.

“Ok, you’re going to leave it down to me, are you?” She chided him as she then moved up and undid the button of his jeans. She paused, looking down at him, then unzipped the fly. “Now you are going to have to help me for this bit, ” Pippa told him. She took hold of the waist band of his jeans and simply said, “Lift your hips.”

David did as he was told, raising his hips from the couch so she could pull down his jeans. She did so, yanking them down all the way to his ankles, where he expected her to leave them, but silently she briskly took off his shoes and socks and then pulled his jeans completely off of him.

Once she dropped his jeans to the floor Pippa moved her eyes from his and down at his groin. He was wearing a pair of white pants that fitted tightly around his cock and balls. She could see that he had quite a package down there, and spotted a slight wet patch of what she knew full well would be pre cum on the front of the white material.

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